dadastic! sounds was founded in 2008 to locate, archive, publish and release important Pacific Northwest artists whose work had never been released, or released and then gone out of print.  That’s still part of our mission.  dadastic! sounds has also provided a platform for little-known artists from outside the Pacific Northwest-in fact, artists from around the world.  We’re dedicated to quality since we only release or represent the music we love.

in 2012 we shut down the active part of our music label and concentrated on publishing-just like music, we only publish music by artists we love.  In July 2020 we resumed producing, releasing and distributing music.  We’ve opened this direct-to-consumer web store to avoid middle-people taking their cut so we can offer our music more cheaply and still earn more profit for our artists.  Serving artists is our number one goal, followed very closely by our dedication to fans of all musical genres.  We also distribute to all the major download and streaming distributors, not only those based in the United States.  Many of the end-distributors we use are in far-off countries that one wouldn’t expect a music distributor to be found.  We’re all for helping the little guys!
If you find a cheaper, regularly priced download, or a cheaper new, unused CD sold by a retailer that we carry we’ll match the price for you.
We’re serious about what we do…and we want you to love us!